Planning and the problems therewith…

Because therewith is totally a word. Shut up.

So it was a few days ago, and approaching the time I’d need to start booking my transport between places and the accommodations while I’m there. This, of course, is the time that the workmen doing some improvements to the street outside decide that it’s a great idea to cut through the cable that supplies internet and phone services to the entire area. This leaves me, helpfully, without internet access over the next three (so far and counting) days. I was told by the ironically named tech support that it’d take 24-48 hours to fix. 72 hours later it remains unfixed.

Now, I realise that people survived quite well in the days before internet access in every home, but I’m not living in those days, damn it, and thus this lack of basic communicational access crippled my being able to book hostels and transport as needed. In a desperate attempt to regain some kind of connection I went to a Subway to borrow their free Wi-Fi while I ate a lunch I didn’t need. Turns out several of the trains I needed to get have, in the time since the home connection was brutally severed, become fully booked and are no longer available, along with a fair few of the hostels I was intending to stay at (at least, at reasonable prices).

Well, shit. What do?

Well, what do is revise original plan and scrap a vast portion of it. So we’ll say goodbye to Bruges (this actually makes me rather sad), goodbye to Paris, Dijon, Geneva, and Zurich. I’m sure you’d have been lovely and changed my life in many and varied ways, but our relationship just wasn’t destined to work, so I’ll bid you adieu. However, instead we’ll welcome on to our little journey some slightly smaller places instead, so I’ll now be visiting Lyon (still), Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Turin and I have decided to stop off in Bologna on my way to Venice, as well.

My trip now looks something LIKE THIS. The European leg of it, anyway, before I get onto the yacht in Samos, Greece.


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