Finally Moving…

…is an excellent song by a group called Pretty Lights which I highly suggest you check out. The song is unrelated to the post, but the title is most definitely applicable.

So I’ve finally booked my first couple of journeys out of the country – the trip is finally beginning (see the link now?) I know so far I really haven’t explained exactly what I’m kinda intending to do, so this seems like a decent place to explain. Take a seat and lend me your ears… erm… eyes.

I’ll go into my background and why I do so love to travel another time and in another place, ’cause it’s kind of irrelevant right now. For the last two years ever since I returned home from an epic road trip around the western US I have had an unending wanderlust to travel again, and for a much less limited time. I started saving money every month to fund a much more elaborate trip, which is now upon me.

Initially I was just planning on flying straight into Australia on a working visa, staying there for the 12 months while working, and then figuring out what to do after that at the time. Looking into prices of flying straight to Australia, coupled with the prospect of going from one full time job back home straight into a different one in another country changed my mind on that plan somewhat. I’ve visited parts of Europe in the past, but only on occasional weeks here and there. The idea struck to make my way through Europe for a month or two, always heading eastwards towards an eventual end location in Aus.

Thus began furious reading of Lonely Planet guides as well as the always incredibly helpful Wikitravel. I came up with an approximate list of places I’d like to visit, and started to research the practicalities and costs of getting to, between, and staying in such places. Long story short, I came up with the itinerary here. I wanted to head over to Poland, Romania and a few other eastern European places, too, but the travel over there worked out to be far too awkward or expensive. Alas.

Now, if you look at that map and wonder just what the crap I’m thinking working my way around Italy rather than just going straight down the country… well. I’m meeting a friend in Naples for a few days, then we’re moving on to Rome for another couple of days. I have from the 19th of July when I leave until 29th August to get from home to Naples. I wanted to see Dubrovnik ’cause I’ve heard wonderful things about the place, as well as some of the other slightly lesser known European countries because they’ll be a) a lot more interesting than metropolitan western European cities, and b) a damn lot cheaper, and so the strange circling route was born.

During my research into what to do around Europe I checked out Float Plan which is a website that lists crewing opportunities aboard private vessels for anywhere from a few days to months at a time. Crewing a yacht is something I’ve always wanted to do as I love being on the water and learning to sail strikes me as an incredibly useful and interesting skill to have. Having read nearly all the listings on the site I emailed one of them and (again) long story short, once I’m done in Rome I fly to Samos to board a yacht for two weeks sailing around the Greek islands and the Turkish coast.

And… this is where I run a little vague. After leaving the yacht I fly to Athens because it’s a main hub, but from there, who knows? The only real rough idea I have in mind is to fly into SE Asia (Bangkok probably) and then visit a few countries out there before joining another friend of mine who lives on one of the Indonesian islands for a while. When I get bored of that, I’ll make my way over to Australia.

So. Now you have a little more of an idea about what I’m hoping to do.


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