Not sure if madness… or genius…

So I arrived at my hotel in Lyon. The journey was… well… a journey. There were buses, trains, planes, all your usual modes of transport. Of course there were loud children as well. N.B. to future parents who may be traveling with me and have young children with them – keep your children under control and at a reasonable volume when in the very close confines of a lot of other people. Or I will do your parenting for you and quiet them myself.

With a brick.


The guy checking me in at the hotel was lovely and smiley, and explained that since I’d just been walking for half an hour with a pack that weighed near enough 20kgs on my back that he’d kindly put me on the third floor, up a winding spiral staircase. Fair enough. He was attempting to explain the facilities of my room to me and I became very confused. Apparently I will regard a box in my room that is the place you store your clothes, and if you push it will become your shower and toilet. Yes, I made the exact same face you’re making now. I also realise that explanation will do nothing towards helping you work out what on earth he meant, so I’ll provide a pictorial journey through my discovery.

Yes that’s right, folks. The wardrobe is the shower. And the toilet.

Still not sure if madness… or genius. Saves space, I suppose. I’m not sure what crapping and showering in the exact same space would be like though. Thankfully I didn’t take a shower there as I was only staying one night and felt it an unnecessary experience to partake of.

Lyon itself was, eh, it was alright. I’m glad I only elected to spend one night there, ’cause had it been any longer I would have gotten bored. The evening I spent walking around I saw pretty much all the interesting things my research turned up. Oh, and they have out-door swimming pools on the banks of the river. Now, to me that smacks a tad of redundancy, but hey.

Off to Clermont Ferrand.


One thought on “Not sure if madness… or genius…

  1. I just don’t know how clean one would feel after showering in the toilet. It would leave those weird germs of the psyche that never wash off.

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