Wobbly table…

I’m writing this on a wobbly table, and man that’s annoying. Yep, that’s how inventive I’m feeling today to come up with a title.

Oh yes, and mother, when I said your reading this made me inherently uncomfortable, of course what I meant was “please subscribe by email.” Yeah, I get told when shit like that happens. What a leap of parental logic that was. Carry on, dear.

Where were we last time? Lucca, though I actually meant metaphorically speaking. The second day in Lucca I spent out and around with my camera which was muchly enjoyable. I took another walk around the 5.5k perimeter walls in the evening and got many lovely shots, some of which can be seen in the Photodump. I befriended a woman staying at the hostel sometime after dinner by insulting her, assuming she was American by the accent when in fact she was Canadian. I should have known from all the ‘aboots’, but I missed it. We walked and talked for an hour or two about travelling, the town, life in general. Something a friend of mine has dubbed ‘Strangers on a train’ (I think it was, correct me if I’m wrong). Anyone is interesting for an hour.

I left Lucca and headed to Bologna. This became a slight adventure. The hostel directions were “get on bus #whatever and it stops right outside the hostel.” Except it neglected to tell you which stop that actually was, and since one hadn’t seen the hostel, who knows what it might look like. I was starting to become suspicious that I’d travelled a little too far on the bus when I saw signs pointing to Bologna in the opposite direction listing it as 10kms away. So the bus driver left me at the side of the road in the middle of cornfields, as far as the eye could see. And crickets. You know you’re in the backwoods when all you can hear is crickets. At midday. In Italian sun. Thankfully there was another bus going back the other way and the driver was infinitely more helpful and shouted at me when to get out at the right stop.

The guys in the room with me in Bologna had all checked in that day – Tom, Sam and Sunny. All gap year students, all great guys. We spent the next few days in Bologna hanging out, and I was very thankful for the company. I was not thankful for the German guys running (thudding) up and down the corridor outside our room at midnight playing, as far as I could tell, hide and fucking seek. Which is not a fun version of hide and seek where the seeker fucks the hidee when they find her, rather than just a loud, obnoxious version played late at night when others are trying to sleep. Oh, and we went to a restaurant and the four of us all had Bolognese sauce from Bologna, so now I can say I’ve done that. Incidentally, mother, English readers, anyone else of any consequence, take heed of the following: Italians do not make bolognese with spaghetti. Ever. It’s only the rest of the world that does that for some reason. The Italians use tagliatelle. It is much nicer – try it.

I left Bologna as Tom, Sam and Sunny headed for Rimini, which as far as I can tell is the Ibiza of Italy. I was invited, but those of you who know me understand why I did not go. Ravenna was my next stop, and a lovely little town. Though riddle me this – why is taking photos prohibited in a museum when I’ve paid for entry? I’d understand if it were a free museum and they wanted to sell guidebooks, or postcards, or picture books, perhaps, but if I’ve paid? Dammit, I want my pictorial evidence that I’ve been there. Ravenna had lots of mosaics, some of which can be seen in the Photodump. Nothing much of any interest happened there.

Now I’m in Ferrara, and I think I’m going to stay here for another few days. Couple of days booked in Venice later on in the week, then I leave Italy for Slovenia. Somehow.

Yesterday I visited Ferarra’s castle, dungeons, and the tiny-ass town centre. Today, once I’m done here, I’m going to rent a bicycle and get me some riding around the city done. I need to find out of taking a daytrip to Verona is financially viable and worth it. I’m thinking not, but we’ll see.

This has not been an interesting post.


EDIT: Updated terminology due to requested correction.


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