Om nom nom…

Yes, that’s the fucking title. That’s because I’m eating for the first time since breakfast, and it’s now half past midnight.

Anyway, I left Italy (which I will update more about later), and am now in Slovenia. This is just a quick update to list a few things I’ve noticed in the few hours I’ve been in the country so far.

Everyone here (that I’ve talked to so far) speaks English, well. Italy did not.

Prices. I just bought, for dinner, a 14″ soft roll with ham, cheese, and cucumber, and a pastry thing with a Frankfurter sausage atop it. This all cost me 3.5 Euros. That’s three and a half. I had change from a five Euro note. In France, that would have run me over ten. In Italy the roll alone would have been four to five Euro, let alone the pastry thing. Well done, Slovenia.


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