Ok, so it ended up being the day after tomorrow. I was in the kitchen of the hostel yesterday after making and eating dinner and some guys and girls were heading out to somewhere and invited me along, so off I went. Didn’t get back until gone 2am and hence didn’t want to wake both the other people in the room by typing up a post or two.


Welcome to Pictures of the Long Road to Nowhere (PotLRtN from here on out). It’s linked over there on the right hand side (Kitty, see?).

Now let me explain the point and the difference between PotLRtN and the Photodump. It was requested by a friend of mine that I have an album somewhere to shove a variety of pictures from my travels into without any real effort or thought put into them, so that updates and pictures could be seen without the annoyance of having to wait for me to post-process or work on them. Thus, the Photodump was born. I use it to upload low quality, pretty much bare pictures from my travels into an all-in-one album to give people a taste of what I’ve been seeing.

But, one of the main reasons I like taking photographs is the effects I can give them in post-processing and how I can get them to end up looking. PotLRtN is a photographic blog I’m going to use to put up high quality,  larger resolution pictures that I’ve actually spent time post-processing and working on. I would hope, dearly, that the difference in quality, or certainly stylistic design, can be seen when comparing the Photodump and the PotLRtN blog. I’m not sure how often I’ll update it – I guess that depends on how much of a chance I’ll have to work on photos. Either way, RSS it, or email subscribe and enjoy.


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