This post is called intentions for several reasons.

First, my intentions RE this blog’s immediate future. I intend to write up a post about people. Not anyone specific, but rather a post detailing thus far my experiences with people and groups of people, what I enjoy and do not enjoy, and my personal findings. There may be graphs. This might take me a while and I’ve not had a period of time in which to do it yet, but I do want to. I have a night to spend in an airport soon, so that may help with motivation. I also need to update on my general activities.

Second, I need to update the Photodump with a whole load of pictures. I need to wait, however, until I’m somewhere with a decent enough ‘net connection that I can do so. I also need to master those pictures first. Along the same lines, I need to update Pictures of the Long Road to Nowhere with a few images I’ve got in mind. This may take time, but it’s coming, so don’t worry.

Thirdly, my intentions for the continuation of my trip. I have, so far, four ideas. One has already been ruled out, so really three I guess. I’m detailing the forth just so y’all know where my head’s at. I emailed the hostel I stayed at in Dubrovnik to see if I could go work there for a few weeks once I get off the yacht, in exchange for room and board, but since it’s coming into off-season now, they don’t need the help. Alas. Second idea – do some WWOOFing somewhere in Greece for a little while giving me time to work out what to actually do. Third line of thinking – find the cheapest possible flight to the US that I can get, and couchsurf my way through America for a few months, maybe as far as Christmas. Forth idea, I guess, is fly to SE Asia somewhere – this one is well outside my comfort zone, and thus I am putting it off ’cause I’m all scared an’ shit. I also contemplated flying home for a week or so, but I don’t think I’m going to do that.

So… yeah. That’s what I’ve got in mind. Coming soon…


2 thoughts on “Intentions…

  1. Greece, GREECE. I was thinking about you just today and how about you should go to Greece (so I can vicariously enjoy your experience). Please go to some lovely islands or something.

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