Things I have learned #… 3?

  • People like when I make lists about things I’ve learned.
  • Always carry a half litre bottle of water with you. Always. Whenever you are at a tap, fountain, outlet, or bathroom that has drinking water, fill that bottle up, no matter whether there’s only a mouthful gone, or a mouthful left.
  • People make the place. Both the staff, the other travellers, and the people in the dorm with you.
  • Plastic bags of all shapes and sizes are infinitely useful and should be pilfered whenever possible. Whenever doing some shopping, keep the bag; whenever buying fruit or veg in a supermarket where you have to pick it and bag it in little sandwich bags, take a whole handful of those bags too; if a cleaner should happen to leave a roll of bin liners around and glance the other way, take some. Yes, I’m advocating stealing plastic bags, for they are certainly on the Swiss Army Knife of travel accessories.
  • I need periods of down-time once in a while. A day a week, perhaps, maybe a few days in every two weeks, I need to sit around and do exactly nothing whatsoever except be stationary. These days are often some of the most enjoyable, despite a notable lack of museums, monuments, beaches or bars.
  • Similar to point #5, I need periods of time where I’m travelling alone, or hanging out in my own company, as well as periods of time spent with others, or moving from place to place with someone else. Zagreb to Sarajevo without Damian, and Dubrovnik to Naples without Brendon would have been far more stressful and less enjoyable journeys. Conversely, some long train rides spent alone are wonderfully peaceful and recuperating.
  • The need for decent Wi-Fi access cannot be overstated. Pretty sure I mentioned this on another list but as I don’t have internet access at the time of writing, I can’t check. Hence it being on the list twice.
  • As a native English speaker, and only English speaker, I am incredibly ignorant compared to pretty much the rest of Europe when it comes to languages. Case in point, having a conversation with a couple of German girls and a Croatian guide, the German girl used the word ‘gentrification’ perfectly and in context, and the Croatian guide understood what she meant. Most of my English friends wouldn’t know what gentrification means.
  • On that note, Germans are good at taking jokes, especially about the war. And Jews.
  • Lists should come in tens.

One thought on “Things I have learned #… 3?

  1. we might not be good at taking those jokes. but we grin and bear it. plus i only laughed when nobody was watching – some of the jokes weren’t horrible. and we pretty much germanised “gentrification” – not that i wouldn’t love to just take the credit for it.

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