Intentions part deux…

Hello there, my American readers. You know who you are, I know who you are, and I know you read this, at least four of you, if not five or six (Jesus, what happened with all the commas there?).

In the past while we’ve been talking and things like “sure, you can come visit for a while if you’re ever in the area” have been said, were they just platitudes, or did you mean them? Because I’m strongly considering the couchsurfing America for a few months idea, and as far as I know, y’all have couches, or chairs, or floors. Y’all’re also clever enough to work out where I’m going with this.

So, dear friends of mine, can I come crash with you for a bit, if I happen to be in the area? Answers on a postcard, and by postcard I mean Facebook, email, or comment here as you wish.


Oh, oh, and. Another intention is to add some more images to the random headers that the blog displays, so keep an eye out!


4 thoughts on “Intentions part deux…

  1. If you should find yourself in the wilds of the Midwest, and namely Wisconsin, you are welcome to a couch, futon, or spare bed. I realize that’s probably not part of the country you’re clamoring to experience, but it does have its charms in a way…besides me, that is.

    • Hey, apparently I can do a quick-reply type thing. This is all cool an’ shit.

      Yeah, no, I’d totally come spend time in the Midwest – it’s one part of the country I haven’t actually seen yet, and I’d like to experience an American ‘fall’. I actually tasked my travel agent with the vaguest of questions ever, being “find me the cheapest flight to anywhere in America from pretty much anywhere in continental Europe.” She has yet to reply, surprisingly. But, yeah. I figure I’ve got maybe four friends in the US who would be willing to lend me a floor for maybe a week each, if I push my luck. That should give me a month, maybe couchsurf for a bit. I dunno – depends on flights.

      Also, thanks.

  2. You already survived La Casa De Tres Gatos. If you’re game to do it again, there is always a place for you. Although if you want to stay for longer than a few days, you’ll probably need to get on bartender’s hours.

    I might also be able to get you some super cheap rent for a month with one of my friends. Specifically, a well-decorated and furnished niche under the eaves that has been the home of many musicians.

  3. Might want to keep an eye on flights from Brussels – every now and again, it’s as cheap to fly into as London. Might work the same going the other way.

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