Le boat…

So I get on the boat today. It’s for 11 nights, and I’ve no idea what my access to the internet will be like while I’m aboard (naturally), so don’t expect regular updates for the next few weeks. As if they’re regular anyway.

Do we all remember when I said, naively, that nothing had gone wrong so far? Well, today pretty much pissed all over that parade. The getting to the airport in Rome was fine. The flight to Athens was fine. Even the seven hour layover from midnight ‘til the morning in the airport was fine. Once I landed on Samos, it was not fine. Admittedly it is partially my fault, I guess, but that’s neither here nor there. I assumed that since Samos was an island belonging to a country, that it was relatively small and compact. This is not the case. I did not realise this when I booked my night’s accommodation on Samos before getting the ferry to Patmos to join the yacht crew. I also assumed that Samos airport would have something resembling a tourist information centre where I could enquire as to how to get to my hotel. This is also not the case.

So I was stranded at the airport for a few hours while waiting for a local bus to turn up. It turned up half an hour late and drove into the airport, have a leisurely look around as it circled the front square, and promptly pulled out of the airport again without stopping. So that was nice. I eventually shared a taxi to the town with another guy who’d also intended to get on aforementioned bus. Now we arrive back to my first assumption that the island was small and compact. The place where I was meant to be staying was a 90 minute coach ride away from the town in which I now found myself. I got on a coach. I attempted to get off a coach in the town the address of my hotel specified, and luckily asked the driver if he knew the way. The town was the wrong town. I got back on the coach and the driver eventually told me where to get off to get to the right place.

Then my power adaptor broke when I tried to plug it into the wall. This is fairly debilitating at the best of times (I know, I know, screw you – I like travelling with my technology), but added to that the hotel did not have the Wi-Fi access their listing said it did. Le sigh.

Oh, and there was only one coach back to the main town from my hotel this morning, which was at 7am. Fuck getting up at 6am.


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