So my leg…

Yeah. I posted a picture of my leg on reddit, because that’s where I should get my medical advice. Once I’d finished crapping myself due to the responses I got, I decided to go see a doctor. Just so happened there was a doctor’s office just round the corner from the bus station I was waiting in at the time.

I wandered in and asked if I could have a quick chat with someone. I was seen immediately, and the doctor tells me I’ve been bitten by a bug of some kind, probably a mosquito, and that it’s become infected. I had to have a shot of Cortisone in my ass (fuck that hurts), I have a course of antibiotics to take, and some antihistamines I must take before bed (due to their drowsy-making-ness). Apparently it will be fine.

Unfortunately, it was a private doctor’s office, so I had to pay for said advice and treatment, and the meds. I can