Was probably the first night aboard the boat that I’ve enjoyed. That’s not to say the others have been awful, but you know. The sea was very calm, and the sky was completely clear and empty of obstruction. I lay out on the deck and stared up at the sky and the stars for quite a time, then curled up on one of the outer couches and listened to some quiet music while pondering things.

What did I ponder? Well, just life in general, I guess. Lots of things jumble around in my head vying for attention at times like that. I considered all the options I have for where I’m going to go next when I get off the boat and I think I finally made a decision on that front, so I feel somewhat relieved to have some rough plans.

Being anchored in a bay next to a tiny island with barely a taverna and a shop to its name means that there is literally no ambient light or light pollution at night. It makes watching the stars incredibly easy, and very peaceful. I must have spent quite a time just looking upwards.

And now I have an idea for a tattoo I could maybe see myself having.


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