Just to clarify…

I realise I’m not a very nice person. If you’re reading this, you know me well enough to know that’s the case. I know I’m not easy to get along with and I’m a sarcastic dick on occasion. That’s all fine. Frankly, it’s part of (if not the entirety of) my charm. My point is the following: it wasn’t just me who thought the captain of the boat was an asshole. It’s not just a personality clash that could be down to me, and thus my ranting unjustified.

The day I joined the boat, five of the previous crew were departing. We all went out and had dinner and chatted and etc. They all, independently of each other and any prompting, warned me about the guy and his personality. They said he had no patience and no concept of how to talk to people or ask them to do things.

My point overall was that I’m not being unreasonable and ranting about something that is perhaps otherwise my issue (as I so often can do).

But I leave tomorrow, so fuck it.


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