What’s going on?

I’m really not the person to ask.

I jest, I jest. People’ve been asking what’s going on and where I’m at/going and so on and so forth. So I’m here to update I guess.

The next few days will not be the most comfortable, or a lot of fun. Tomorrow morning I get up at 7am to catch a bus to hang out at Kos airport for between two and three hours before my flight to Athens. Kos airport is not a big airport. Once I arrive in Athens at 12:40, my next flight is at 7am… the next day. Count it. That’s 17 hours to kill in Athens airport. I’ve slept in Athens airport before, you’ll recall, and it’s not that exciting. I’m going to read, a lot.

After my second night sleeping in Athens airport (which is kinda handy, ’cause last time I scoped out some decent places to sleep) I catch a flight to Chicago, via Madrid. I’m not staying in Madrid, to clarify, it’s just a connection, but it totally counts as another country I’ve visited!

Yep, Chicago in the United States. I decided to take the ‘go to the US for a few months’ path. I have a couple of excellent friends there who’ve kindly offered to let me stay with them in their respective places for a while, offering various standards of accommodation up to, and including, an awesome sounding couch-fort-tent-base-pillow-thing. Oh yes.

There you go, you’re all caught up. Wish me luck in the airports.


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