Airport, round two… (50th post!)

So I’m sat in Athens airport, about nine hours into my 17 hour layover. I’m relatively sure people thought I was a crazy person when I first arrived in the airport, because all I did for the first quarter of an hour was walk around, staring at the floor. More specifically, I was staring at the skirting boards searching for power sockets. If I’m going to make it through 17 hours sitting in an airport, by God I’m going to need to power my laptop for entertainment.

On that note, I’m sitting next to one of only two power sockets in the entire departures lounge (not including ones in cafes and restaurants where you’re obliged to actually buy something before you can sit down and use their table and power). What kind of assclown designs an airport departures lounge and only puts in two freakin’ power sockets?! I mean, really, did it not occur that people might want to plug their shit in? This power socket seems to be slightly hidden, because I haven’t had to fight for it all day. Anyway, yes, I’m sat next to it, with an episode of How I Met Your Mother on in the background (laptop, not airport), writing, well, this.

The airport has one hour’s free internet access. I can stretch that out quite spectacularly by copying emails and messages into a word document and writing my replies there, then just hopping online to send ‘em. My point in telling you this is as follows: Every time you connect to their network and load up a web page, you get a splash screen you have to click through before you’re allowed access. Every time I’ve done that today there’s been a little box that’s flashed up saying “announcement, 22/9/11”, and I, like every other normal person ever, clicked the [x] in the corner to get rid of it without reading it. No one cares what websites announce. Except the latest time it loaded up automatically without giving me the chance. The announcement was that Athens air traffic control are having a three hour strike on the 22nd of September – the date of my flight out of Greece. Yep, shit. Shitbiscuits. After a little hasty research and asking the info desk, turns out my flight is early enough in the morning to not be affected by said strike. Seems there is something good about early morning flights after all.

I don’t have too much else to say right now. I’m just killing time until it’s late enough and I’m tired enough to fall asleep on a cold tile floor. I’ve started a new book, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother in the background, and I transferred a few films across from my hard drive to watch in case I want some filmic entertainment.

Oh, I updated the Photodump again (link on the right), and added another image to the random headers the blog has sometimes. Hope you like it. The Photodump has some prominent pictures in this time, most notably a picture of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, St Peter’s Basilica in same, and some other pictures from around Rome.

Oh shit, yeah! WordPress has just told me this is my 50th post on this blog. Heh, awesome.


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