I cannot think of one, so instead, badgers…

This will have absolutely no relevance to badgers whatsoever. Ha!

I’ve updated the Photodump with a couple of photos I took while I was in La Crosse. I’ve also updated PotLRtN with another picture I took while in La Crosse.

Also, here is another fun thing I did while in La Crosse. I was staying with an awesome friend of mine, and one of her friends, also a friend of mine, is an entertainments and technical director at his local church. Except in the midwest they do church big style. They’ve just refitted one of their halls with a hi-def projector and full cinema sound system. We took an X-Box and played some games. Naturally.

Another thing we did with my awesome friend and a couple of her friends was going to a pizza place called Pizza Doctors. Pizza Doctors experiments with pizza toppings, rather than just sticking with the old standards (although they serve them too). For instance, they have a Big Mac pizza, which is, as you’d expect, a pizza with beef, lettuce, pickles, and that special Big Mac sauce (which no one knows what it is) – that was delicious. They also had macaroni and cheese on a pizza – delicious too. It didn’t stop with normal pizzas though, because they also had dessert pizzas. I don’t remember the exact toppings on those, but think cake base, with marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips etc.

Om. Nom. Nom.


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