Boring stuff, apparently…

Someone told me that the contents of my blog didn’t only have to be things that are substantial or revelatory, but that I could and indeed should put the day to day mundanity (like mundane, only ity) of what I do in there, too. Y’see, I tend to disagree with that, no matter how dear said friend is to me, because if I put the boring crap I do every day in there, none of you (three…) would bother reading it anymore. You’d get bored of my boredom. Not that I’m bored often, actually, but there’s only so much excitement one can squeeze into any given day, and at some point some part of the day is going to be less than exciting.

That said, I’d hate to disappoint, so here’s something that happened while I was out taking an otherwise very unexciting (and intendedly so) walk down the central street in Albuquerque, which just happens to be a part of the old historic route 66 highway.

I stepped out of my hostel with my bag over my shoulder to carry my camera, ‘cause I don’t like walking around with it hanging from my neck or hand. Because, you know, tourist. As I stepped out and started walking down the road I noticed upon the other side of the (six lane, so quite wide) street a man walking in the same direction I was. This in itself is nothing overly suspicious. I also noticed, however, that he kept looking over at me while he was walking, and not just a quick glance, but protracted, lengthy stares right at me. Again, nothing overly suspicious in itself as I am a rather stunning example of a man, but it did make me a touch uneasy.

When he then started to cross the street on a path that would directly intersect mine I thought to myself that no, in fact I was gonna nip this being mugged shit in the bud before it even got off the “hey buddy, do you have a light/any spare change/moment to talk?” ground. I walked directly at him and asked him for the time. He’d forgotten his watch and wallet when he came out for his evening walk, so he didn’t have the time. I didn’t need it – I had my phone. It’s the engaging the vicious mugger before you become a mugee that I was trying to achieve.

Turns out he was just a fairly pleasant, if a little strange, man who was indeed out for an evening walk. I ended up walking with him and chatting most all of the way down the main street before he walked off somewhere else and I turned back around. I actually bumped into him several other times that evening while I was out, and later when I went out to get some dinner (at a place he had recommended) he passed ways going into and out of said eatery.

So, there you go. What was to be a regular walk along a street, with some, for want of a better word, excitement.


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