Couchsurfing for friends…

So it’s time to try and use Couchsurfing again, but this time not for somewhere to stay. One of the options on the site is to meet people for ‘coffee or drinks’, although effectively it’s a “do you wanna hang out” option.

While I may be staying with a friend while in LA, and when I trip up to San Francisco in a week’s time, I still don’t actually know anyone here (or there) to spend some time with. Said friend I’m staying with is one of those ‘responsible adults’ I’ve heard so much about, but evidently know nothing about achieving myself, so she’s not got too much time to devote to me. This is totally fine and I expected as such beforehand.

I haven’t used Couchsurfing for this before, so I’m not exactly sure how I should go about it. When one is requesting a place to stay there’s a specific option to click to do so, but if I’m not needing a couch to kip on, I am unsure as to whether I should use that same option. Any readers please feel free to chip in with an opinion here: whether I should send a couch request or just send a person a message instead?

There are other website specifically aimed at organising meet ups for people, such as, surprise surprise, I’ve checked it out briefly and there was nothing nearby taking place in the close future that caught my eye, so I’ll let you know if anything comes of that.

While I’m here I really want to work on my meeting new people and complete strangers thing. Since I’ve not been staying in hostels much while in the US I haven’t met as many new people.That said, it is great because I get to spend time with my friends.

Couldn’t find a suitable picture to include in this post for any reason whatsoever. It’d have just been for the sake of it, so you’ll just have to read the words instead.


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