Couchsurfing for friends part deux…

Nothing to do with light switches happened today. Get over it.

As I mentioned a post or two ago, I was going to try using Couchsurfing to find some people to hang out with while I’m in Los Angeles. After browsing through a load of people’s profiles to find someone I’d get on with, I sent out a few messages to people explaining what was going on and asking them if they had any free time. One of those people responded saying they had a spare ticket to an event on Sunday and would I like to join them.

Well of course I would. Knowing nothing more about where I was going than it was ‘an event’ and nothing more about the person I was going with than I’d read on her CS profile, I set off.

We got on really well and had an excellent day bumbling around Los Angeles. The event itself was a fashion… thing. I still haven’t quite worked out what, exactly. We didn’t stay for long, and sadly I saw no identifiably famous people.

After we left we spent the next few hours walking around downtown LA investigating a load of the old theatres along Broadway that’ve all now sadly closed and been turned into bargain basement clothing stores, or just simply locked up and left to disrepair. Such a waste. The one that was open we were able to get into was about to hold a religious service of some kind, but before we were stared out of the place we did manage to sneak to the higher level of the auditorium and see the incredible old chandelier that still remained. Like I said, such a waste.

We explored parts of apartment buildings and hotels off limits to the public to see huge old ballrooms, again, left to disuse and disrepair. We climbed to the top of buildings and scaled their fire escapes for incredible views over the downtown buildings. We got lunch at a huge indoor market and ate far, far too much food.

Oh, then we witnessed a car crash.

After exchanging contact details with the crashees in case either of them needed a witness, we drove up to a lookout point with an incredible view over LA, the Valley, and of the Hollywood sign. The sun had just set, so the lights of the city below us and the lovely orangered of the sky were beautiful. Good thing I had my camera with me, too.

*        *        *

Downtown LA and the 101
My couchsurfing LA guide

*        *        *

When I got home, I received an hasty message from my new friend urging me to put the news on right away. Apparently someone had been shot on the exact corner where we’d earlier parked the car. Soooo, LA’s safe…

All in all, an excellent day. We’re going to be getting together again later on in the week, and quite possibly when I get back from San Francisco.


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