Really, people? Light switches?

I went out for the day today with one of the people I contacted on Couchsurfing – I’ll write more about that later. When I got back I noticed something rather interesting about my page view stats. They’d spiked massively, about double my normal page views, in the few hours I was out. Lookit (and you’ll also notice the difference tagging has made increasing, too):

See that huge spike on the right hand side? Yeah, that wasn’t there when I left. My tracking whatsamagiggers tell me the hits came from Facebook, and that someone shared the most recent post I published. The one about light switches.

Yep, out of all the things I’ve written about travelling alone through strange countries, spending time visiting historically war-torn cities, the joys and pitfalls of constantly meeting new people (OK, I may not have written that one yet), all the deep and meaningful stuff about myself, and it’s bloody light switches you people like?!

Clearly I’ve been high-balling the level of my readers’ intellect (I jest, don’t worry). No, I just found it amusing that out of everything, it’s a post about light switches in England vs the US that is the most popular by far.


2 thoughts on “Really, people? Light switches?

    • You know, you nearly got a little dig in there about that. I even considered going back and editing it in, but I figured by that point people who email subscribe would miss the edit. I shall endeavour to think of things along similar lines in future.

      I still think it might have been advertising hits from Ben and Jerry’s being mentioned…

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