Four months on the road…

The title says it all. Today is the anniversary of the date I left, and that marks my fourth month being away. Well, it is in the time zone I’m in, but if you’re in the UK this is a day late. You’ll get over it eventually I imagine.

I don’t… have too much specific to say today. I spent the day tooling around San Francisco with a old friend of mine, both of us playing with our cameras all day.

Also, as is a long established tradition when I’m hanging out with Maya, we spent ages trying on hats. This alternately delighted her…

or distressed her…

I am thinking of getting a new hat. Updates on this will be forthcoming at a later date.

Now normally I would work out how many miles I’ve travelled now (a lot), or how many different places I’ve been to (there’s a page for that already), but I’m not feeling like stats right now. I’m not actually feeling like writing very much at all but I feel duty-bound to do so.

I’ve been staying with a very generous friend in LA for a couple of weeks now, who has two fantastic cats. One is perpetually petrified of me, and freezes in place any time I so much as move, then flees in abject terror at the prospect of being near me. The other, well, the other has three legs and can best be summed up with a picture.

Yep. He climbed up the shelves to sit in that cramped space. His only possible route of escape is directly onto that huge fan you can see there. He did all this with only three legs. He also understands the concept of the floor being made of lava and will, on command, jump up onto a box to save his feet (3). Cats, man.

I may post again with an actual four month post tomorrow, but right now it’s something a.m. and I should get to bed.

Ohh, and I’ve updated PotLRtN.


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