Four months again…

Spent the day hiding from the rain watching retro movies (Doc Hollywood and Labyrinth, oh yeeeahh) and lounging around. I figure it’s time to make use of the rest of the evening.

As you know, my fourth month on the road has taken me to the sunny (it was raining) streets of Los Angeles in California. I’m in San Francisco visiting a friend at the moment (it’s raining again). I’ve been away for a third of a year now, although it doesn’t really feel like it.

Statistics time

  • Number of miles travelled (as the crow flies): 11228
  • Number of cities visited: 31
  • Total journeys by train: 19
  • Total journeys by bus: 6
  • Flights: 4
  • Couchsurfers met: 6
  • Books read: 15

And them’s the statistics. I honestly can’t think of anything else to update you with right now. But, like I said before, I have a few ideas for things I do want to write, so I just need to find some motivation from somewhere. I’mma go check behind the fridge.


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