Big fat lies…

I was lying in the half sleep you get just after you’ve woken up when you’d really rather fall back to sleep, but your mind is still functioning on a dream level.

I came up with an idea.

When it first came out, keeping in mind how long ago the first film was, I was fairly frequently mocked by being called Harry Potter. This was because I wore glasses and had dark hair, I can only presume, because that’s pretty much where the similarities end.


I still have dark hair, though it is substantially shorter than Harry’s, I still wear glasses (some of the time) though they’re notably less round than Harry’s, and, well, I have a nice authentic British accent.

By jove, I shall pretend to be related to J.K. Rowling and, in fact, I am who she based the character on! Genius.

I can even back this up with a picture of Hogwarts school I took, which is where she got the inspiration for that and the location to use in the movies.

Taken by my own fair hand

I am going to a party filled with strangers later. Mwa-aha-aha-ha.

Now to research which of JK’s relatives I could be…


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