Five months…

To mark my five monthiversary on the road, the first major bump went, well, bump.

Or so it would appear upon first inspection.

I turned my laptop on after returning home from a delicious meal at a famous LA diner, Fred 62.

My flight being at 8:15 the following morning, I thought it’d be a good idea to check in beforehand to speed stuff up at the airport. I dislike waiting in lines. In them, you’ll note, not on them. One cannot be on line, because there are no damn lines on the floor. Sorry, I’ve digressed.

At first I wondered why the flight booking number was in huge red letters on the American Airlines site when I tried to check in and choose my seat. Scrolling down a little further provided me with the answer. One leg of my bipedal flight had been cancelled for reasons that still elude me. It must be all the snow in Los Angeles.

Well, that’s quite a bump. There was only a two hour window at the other end before my next connecting flight, so you know, I couldn’t really walk it instead.

I called AA immediately to see what could be done. After a bit of a wait while the agent looked into my available options, I was finally rebooked on a straight-through flight to my final destination.

In other news, yesterday I got lost. In a car park. While looking for our car. Car parks should never be large enough for one to lose their entire car, completely. I can only imagine it has its own zip code. Observe:

I haven’t written much recently. I’ll be back with a slightly more regular posting schedule soon, and a five month retrospective in the next couple of days, partnering with Lauren over at Neverending Footsteps, as well.


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