Productivity becomes me…

Yeah, not too productive though, I know.

First, I guess a geographical update is necessary. My allowed stay in the US on their visa waiver program ran out sometime around the 21st of December, so I left the country on the 19th. Given the time of year and my impending birthday at the end of January, I decided to fly back to the UK and spend the holidays and said birthday at home with my family. So, that’s where I am.

Don’t worry though – I still have a fair few articles I want to get written up here about various things, and I have a whole load of photos to go through and work on from my time in the US. LRTN and PotLRtN will still be updated while I’m at home. I won’t be staying home forever by any stretch of the imagination – just a little while, and taking that time to plan where to go next!

In other news, I have started a new collaborative work with a good friend of mine I met while in Los Angeles. While staying with her, I was shown a photo book that my friend had printed with a photo from each and every day of 2010. By Jove, what a wonderful idea, and especially interesting, I’d hope, due to my very varied and every-changing locations in the coming months.

So without further ado, I introduce you to Two Photos a Day – a photo blog receiving posts each day, one from me, and one from aforementioned friend in Los Angeles. Do check it out and follow us over there. I’m hoping that our widely different locations and photographic styles will lead to some interesting daily diptychs.

And, that’s all for now. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and a great New Years.


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