Picture update, mostly…

As the title says, this is mostly just a heads up that I’ve finally removed my opposable digit from my rectum and worked on some photos and posted them up on the companion blog over at Pictures of the Long Road to Nowhere

The recent ones posted were all from several day trips with a friend of mine from LA – the same person I’m doing the Two Photos a Day thing with.

Bottles was taken in an old skool candy store in Pasedena while we walked around the Old Town for a few hours one afternoon. We saw the Cheesecake factory where Penny from The Big Bang Theory apparently works. It looks nothing like it’s portrayed on the show. I felt cheated. I did not feel surprised, but they could’ve made it at least slightly close to reality, no?

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica 3rd Street Prom, Pier Couple and End of Route 66 were all taken on a day trip to Luxembourg. No, wait, that’s not right. Santa Monica, sorry. Easy mistake to make – they’re right next to each other. They were all taken at night, hand-holding my camera with no tripod or rests at all. Given that, I’m pretty impressed with how clearly they came out. I also haven’t played with B&W photography for a while, so they were fun to edit.

It also occurred to me that should someone, for some reason I cannot fathom, want to contact me about this blog at all, they have no real way of doing so save for leaving a comment on a post, which lacks privacy and finesse. On that note, I have created a Contact Me page up at the top should anyone need to. Also, I’m serious about the smoke signals.


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