Another look at Bosnia…

I’ve been home for a little while, and I’ve caught up with quite a few friends here and there. One thing they always invariably ask me is “where was your favourite place so far?” or variations on that theme. I usually try and get them to narrow their question down a little to at least a country, or city, since I spent three months in the US and a lot of the US is very different to a lot of the rest of it, and I spread myself around both western and eastern Europe which is equally varied.

Either way, the answer usually comes out at Bosnia and / or Sarajevo.

I still can’t really explain why. When I was planning that part of the trip I was expecting the country to be grey and desolate and still suitably war-torn, which it is in parts. But the surprising things were the other parts that were really rather beautiful. Now, lacking the suitable language to really explain why I liked the country so much, I thought I’d go with the whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” thing instead. So, here’s 18,000 words on why I liked Bosnia a lot.

Gallery over and Pictures of the Long Road to Nowhere.

P.S. Sorry for those of you who received this twice. I had a dumb.


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