Well… I wanted to know…

I had the following conversation with a friend and fellow traveller who’s spent the last few months in South East Asia.


Me: I have a very pressing question for you.

Friend: yep?

Me: What’re the toilets like in Thailand? Are they those weird things you just have to squat over on the floor? And do they have TP?

Friend: 50% are squat toilets and rarely toilet paper

Me: ‘The fuck do you clean up with?

Friend: you carry your own in your bag
they have a hose too
hose yourself down
it’s fun!

Me: This seems woefully impractical.

Friend: i actually prefer them
you get used to it :)

Me: But, like… how do you not soak all your clothing while you’re cleaning?

Friend: you do sometimes
but not often
the water comes out in a very thin straight line LOL

Me: See above RE woefully impractical. -_-

Friend: a lot of places will have a toilet but no flush
so you have to fill up a bucket of water

Me: Well, that I’m fine with.

Friend: and hold it over your head
and chuck it in
there was one in phi phi that took 20 mins to flush everytime!
You had to have so much force or it just filled up and overflowed
this is a fun conversation to have over breakfast! :D

Me: Haha, sorry ’bout that.

Friend: but really, the toilets are fine
barely even an issue, and after the first couple of times yo get used to it

Me: Thanks for the info. I was perplexed.

Friend: not anywhere near as bad as china where you didnt even have cubicles and everyone would poo into a giant trough looking at each other

Me: …

Friend: seriously
it was horrific
my british reservedness did not cope well

Me: I imagine not!


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