Some brief admin stuff…

Yello everyone.

As the title says, this is going to be brief, and adminy.

First of all, I’m now using Instagram as a kind of photo diary along with this blog and PotLRtN, so if any of you have Instagram, follow my over there too. The username is lrtnowhere. They can also be viewed online HERE. Most pictures there won’t be posted on here or PotLRtN, so do take a look.

If you don’t want to do that but still want to see the pretty pictures et al, you should follow me on Twitter instead / as well, as they’ll auto-post there each time. LRTNowhere.

The Two Photos a Day site I have with a friend of mine is more likely to become a semi-photo diary now that I’m travelling again, so keep an eye on that one or you may miss out on pictures that won’t be posted anywhere else!

I think that’s it for admin stuff for now. Now onto actual content…


Recommendations, yo…

What? I can be street.

Moving on…

When deciding which post to write today it was quite a toss up, because I have four or five ideas milling around in my head, and I don’t want to write one after the other and post ’em all up at once. So instead of deciding, you get something different.

I recently received an email from my dad about a couple of different things, and at the end was a very sweet sentiment: “I think your blog’s great, very entertaining. You should seek employment as a travel journalist. Seriously!”

Now, bless, I’m entirely sure he’s viewing things through the rose-tinted glasses of family, so I thought I would compile a list of other blogs that’re actually well written and worth reading, or that I just plain enjoy. Some are travel related, others not. Some are a tad NSFW in their nature, but you’ll be okay.

Never-Ending Footsteps – another travel blog by a friend of mine pursuing a very similar journey to me.

Fluent in 3 Months – a highly popular travel-ish blog about a guy trying to learn a lot of languages and travelling while doing so, but it also had some incredibly well written articles  on a variety of worldly things.

Travel, Adventure, and New Experiences – another blog about which the title says it all really.

Journalist on the Run – more travel related fun.

Tattoosloveandlunacy – I have no idea, but I like the way she writes…

Listful Thinking – ditto…

I imagine at this point your attention spans are starting to wane a little with all the reading, so let’s watch something instead.

Seananners’ latest YouTube video – Seananners is a YouTube video maker by profession, and sometimes posts vids of him gaming with commentary over the top. You can pretty much ignore the gameplay and just listen to the point behind what he’s saying:


And now I gotta get to packing up my bag again. Moving on from LA for a week or two to go visit my good friend Maya up in San Francisco!