London in Monochrome…

Does it count as travel if it’s in your own country? I think it does, even when the UK is tiny comparatively speaking.

I went to London for a few days with a friend. We had no plans for what to do at all, so we spent the time walking around anywhere that looked or sounded interesting, sitting on the Underground, and being jostled by rush hour crowds.

For instance, there was the gentleman in Covent Garden market wearing a multi-coloured, sequinned hat and a technicolour dreamcoat who was manning a camera stall and shouted at me for daring to point my camera in that general direction saying “It’s not a side show, you know.” Well actually, if you dress like that, you kinda are, but I didn’t even want to take a picture of you – I wanted one of all the antique cameras.

Exploring Leicester Square was entirely underwhelming due to the whole thing being boarded and fenced off because of roadworks (I am yet to be whelmed). Trafalgar Square was slightly more impressive, though I did have the impression that Nelson’s Column would be substantially larger than it was (har har).

One of the pods from the London Eye was missing from the wheel and just kinda… sitting in the waters of the Thames below where it should’ve been attached, so this wasn’t overly confidence-inspiring as to the safety thereof. I’m sure it was fine…

As usual my camera was pretty much attached to my hand and I came away with a few pictures I really like. Take a look at the gallery over at Pictures of the Long Road to Nowhere.

London in Monochrome gallery