Some brief admin stuff…

Yello everyone.

As the title says, this is going to be brief, and adminy.

First of all, I’m now using Instagram as a kind of photo diary along with this blog and PotLRtN, so if any of you have Instagram, follow my over there too. The username is lrtnowhere. They can also be viewed online HERE. Most pictures there won’t be posted on here or PotLRtN, so do take a look.

If you don’t want to do that but still want to see the pretty pictures et al, you should follow me on Twitter instead / as well, as they’ll auto-post there each time. LRTNowhere.

The Two Photos a Day site I have with a friend of mine is more likely to become a semi-photo diary now that I’m travelling again, so keep an eye on that one or you may miss out on pictures that won’t be posted anywhere else!

I think that’s it for admin stuff for now. Now onto actual content…


Picture update, mostly…

As the title says, this is mostly just a heads up that I’ve finally removed my opposable digit from my rectum and worked on some photos and posted them up on the companion blog over at Pictures of the Long Road to Nowhere

The recent ones posted were all from several day trips with a friend of mine from LA – the same person I’m doing the Two Photos a Day thing with.

Bottles was taken in an old skool candy store in Pasedena while we walked around the Old Town for a few hours one afternoon. We saw the Cheesecake factory where Penny from The Big Bang Theory apparently works. It looks nothing like it’s portrayed on the show. I felt cheated. I did not feel surprised, but they could’ve made it at least slightly close to reality, no?

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica 3rd Street Prom, Pier Couple and End of Route 66 were all taken on a day trip to Luxembourg. No, wait, that’s not right. Santa Monica, sorry. Easy mistake to make – they’re right next to each other. They were all taken at night, hand-holding my camera with no tripod or rests at all. Given that, I’m pretty impressed with how clearly they came out. I also haven’t played with B&W photography for a while, so they were fun to edit.

It also occurred to me that should someone, for some reason I cannot fathom, want to contact me about this blog at all, they have no real way of doing so save for leaving a comment on a post, which lacks privacy and finesse. On that note, I have created a Contact Me page up at the top should anyone need to. Also, I’m serious about the smoke signals.

Productivity becomes me…

Yeah, not too productive though, I know.

First, I guess a geographical update is necessary. My allowed stay in the US on their visa waiver program ran out sometime around the 21st of December, so I left the country on the 19th. Given the time of year and my impending birthday at the end of January, I decided to fly back to the UK and spend the holidays and said birthday at home with my family. So, that’s where I am.

Don’t worry though – I still have a fair few articles I want to get written up here about various things, and I have a whole load of photos to go through and work on from my time in the US. LRTN and PotLRtN will still be updated while I’m at home. I won’t be staying home forever by any stretch of the imagination – just a little while, and taking that time to plan where to go next!

In other news, I have started a new collaborative work with a good friend of mine I met while in Los Angeles. While staying with her, I was shown a photo book that my friend had printed with a photo from each and every day of 2010. By Jove, what a wonderful idea, and especially interesting, I’d hope, due to my very varied and every-changing locations in the coming months.

So without further ado, I introduce you to Two Photos a Day – a photo blog receiving posts each day, one from me, and one from aforementioned friend in Los Angeles. Do check it out and follow us over there. I’m hoping that our widely different locations and photographic styles will lead to some interesting daily diptychs.

And, that’s all for now. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and a great New Years.

Big fat lies…

I was lying in the half sleep you get just after you’ve woken up when you’d really rather fall back to sleep, but your mind is still functioning on a dream level.

I came up with an idea.

When it first came out, keeping in mind how long ago the first film was, I was fairly frequently mocked by being called Harry Potter. This was because I wore glasses and had dark hair, I can only presume, because that’s pretty much where the similarities end.


I still have dark hair, though it is substantially shorter than Harry’s, I still wear glasses (some of the time) though they’re notably less round than Harry’s, and, well, I have a nice authentic British accent.

By jove, I shall pretend to be related to J.K. Rowling and, in fact, I am who she based the character on! Genius.

I can even back this up with a picture of Hogwarts school I took, which is where she got the inspiration for that and the location to use in the movies.

Taken by my own fair hand

I am going to a party filled with strangers later. Mwa-aha-aha-ha.

Now to research which of JK’s relatives I could be…

This has nothing to do with travel, so if you just want to read about my travelling adventures, move on to the next post. It’s also lengthy. And miserable.

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Recommendations, yo…

What? I can be street.

Moving on…

When deciding which post to write today it was quite a toss up, because I have four or five ideas milling around in my head, and I don’t want to write one after the other and post ’em all up at once. So instead of deciding, you get something different.

I recently received an email from my dad about a couple of different things, and at the end was a very sweet sentiment: “I think your blog’s great, very entertaining. You should seek employment as a travel journalist. Seriously!”

Now, bless, I’m entirely sure he’s viewing things through the rose-tinted glasses of family, so I thought I would compile a list of other blogs that’re actually well written and worth reading, or that I just plain enjoy. Some are travel related, others not. Some are a tad NSFW in their nature, but you’ll be okay.

Never-Ending Footsteps – another travel blog by a friend of mine pursuing a very similar journey to me.

Fluent in 3 Months – a highly popular travel-ish blog about a guy trying to learn a lot of languages and travelling while doing so, but it also had some incredibly well written articles  on a variety of worldly things.

Travel, Adventure, and New Experiences – another blog about which the title says it all really.

Journalist on the Run – more travel related fun.

Tattoosloveandlunacy – I have no idea, but I like the way she writes…

Listful Thinking – ditto…

I imagine at this point your attention spans are starting to wane a little with all the reading, so let’s watch something instead.

Seananners’ latest YouTube video – Seananners is a YouTube video maker by profession, and sometimes posts vids of him gaming with commentary over the top. You can pretty much ignore the gameplay and just listen to the point behind what he’s saying:


And now I gotta get to packing up my bag again. Moving on from LA for a week or two to go visit my good friend Maya up in San Francisco!

Productive music…

I absolutely have to have music playing whenever I’m doing anything that isn’t either talking to people, or watching a show/movie. It helps me be less distracted and to focus properly.

You should know about an excellent website called Stereomood. Go to the site, click on a heading that represents the kind of mood you’re in, and sit back and relax to an almost endless list of music supplied to fit the feeling.

I have a playlist there that I use when I’m writing posts here. It seems to be pretty effective at keeping me on track without being distracting with lyrics I can sing along to or music catchy enough to make me wanna air drum. I play awesome air drums. Possibly the best you’ve ever heard. Feel free to have a listen.